Entry #1

I'm New

2011-09-16 16:47:17 by mbstudios909

Hello everyone! I'm mbstudios909 and I'm new at newgrounds!


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2011-09-16 16:55:08

Hello & welcome to NewGrounds :)Don't forget to fill your page with all your favorite Flashes/Games/Art/Music &...don't forget to Vote your 5 submissions for the day!
Also, some ppl i want to warn you about who come on this site to insult others!.....
Thats just a few. So have fun & if you need advise about something PM me :D


2011-09-16 22:37:28

Hello i was checking out the portal when i saw your flash
not to be jerk or anything but if don't want to get judged based on your flash skills
don't put it under judgment